Support The Kelly Award

Author John Martin and I work together at the ARC Mercer and he has generously offered to donate all sales of his book of poetry, Pieces of Gathered Light, to The Kelly Award with the Arthritis National Research Foundation.  The Kelly Award is an annual grant awarded to an arthritis researcher and this year I was able to award the first recipient, Dr. Susannah Brydges at the University of California Sand Diego.  

A description of John's book is below.  It is available for purchase through pay pal. Just click the Buy Now link to make your payment. 

Thanks for your support!

Book description from
New love has long been a pet subject for writers - but what happens when discovery, adventure, sensuality, love and devotion progress through time while maintaining its passion? Broken into five movements - Romance, Dreams, Journey, Spiritual and Harmony - the more than 90 works in Pieces of Gathered Light use delicious imagery, metaphors and raw emotional expression to reveal the many places in our lives touched when a new love appears during the middle years. The innocence of two leaping heart mixes with the pain, struggles, wisdom and variety of roads traveled in lives that led to that point. The author openly shares tales of love that are part story, part poem and immersed with the passion and daring that accompany relationships as they expand from the deep heart to become life commitments.

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