Thursday, April 13, 2006

Juvenile Arthritis: The Ultimate Teen Guide

Kelly just released her debut book, Juvenile Arthritis: The Ultimate Teen Guide in which she shares her own story and the stories of various kids, teens and young adults who suffer from arthritis. Kelly's mission was to write a book that kids and families could read to find answers and to feel like they are not alone in the world.

In addition to Kelly's story, she features Amanda White, a college freshmen who suffered through her figure skating competitions, Shaun-Marie Robbins, a new mom who went off all of her medication while pregnant with her son and Kristen Delaney, a teenager who had to travel 4 hours just to see her doctor showing that there is an immediate need for more Pediatric Rheumatologists. The book also features Seth Ginsberg, fellow arthritis sufferer and founder of who honored Kelly with their CJ Superstar-Volunteer of the Year award in 2008.

Supporting the personal stories are medical research, statistics and Internet resources for families. Maintaining a fitness routine is also important for individuals with arthritis. From yoga to the Nintendo Wii, there are many options that are gentle yet affective for staying in shape. Eating healthy is also stressed with dietary options like Gluten Free eating or herbal supplements.

To order your copy of Kelly's book, visit If you're already purchased and read the book, feel free to leave your recommendations at Amazon for others who are looking for a helpful resource on Juvenile Arthritis.

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  1. I hope to get this book when I get some money.. awesome job doing it...

  2. Kelly,

    Congratulations!!! You are an amazing women. Without a doubt, you prove Disable Does Not Mean Unable. From our first meeting at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2008 Pageant, we knew you were a women of strength and determination. And you have proved it again with your book. Yes, we will buy and share with the world.

    Best of luck.

    Nancy Carey
    Cathy Porter, Ms. Wheelchair MD 2007


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